Bosch India Accelerator Program

INQBAATE 2017 invites application from techpreneurs

INQBAATE: About the Program

True to its motto – “Invented for Life”, Bosch, in more than 125 years of its existence, has spurred innovation in technologies that have improved the quality of life as we know it today. We at Bosch India are inspired by this rich legacy of innovation. We recognize that the time is ripe to foster technologies that are “made in India”. Bosch India has embarked on a journey to support “techpreneurs“ through an “No equity accelerator program” exclusively built for India. Through this program, Bosch India seeks to nourish bright ideas and enable startups, that add value to its core businesses.

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Who can apply

Plain speak - any citizen of India. But who will make the cut? This clarion call is to all those who breathe technology, those who believe that even the best can be bettered, whose hearts skip a beat when the dots get connected. It doesn’t matter if you are a registered company or just a start up still trying to figure out the final shape for your product. In short, this “accelerator program” is suited for those with a fire in their belly!

What’s in it for me

Bosch would provide selected participants with a conducive ecosystem which includes state-of-the-art office space, network of experienced mentors, support to establish a robust business model, honorary financial support and a certificate of association with Bosch – a name synonymous with innovation.

Sounds irresistible? So, what are you waiting for? Come, be a part of this program. Check if your idea is relevant to any of the following fields.

- Automotive e-commerce

- Mobility solutions


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